Monday, September 13, 2010

New job

My job as a contract programmer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratories ended in April. I left just before my contract ended because I found a new contract with Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. On June 28th I was hired as a Lead Programmer Analyst. I much prefer being an employee to contracting. I do not like looking for a new position every six to 12 months.

The lead for my team was laid off two days before I was set to start as an employee. So, I wanted that position because I was a technical lead for several years before I left R. H. Donnelley, Inc. My wife said I should wait before requesting to be a lead. As usual, I decided to go for it. I asked and got the team lead position for my team, two other guys besides me. Not a big team but I am trying to prove myself as a new employee. There was no more money attached to the role but I think the extra work is worth it.

Anyway, my wife is much happier with me as an employee. The benefits are good, too.

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