Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Status of new job

Well, I have been at the new job for several months now and I am still gainfully employed. That is a good thing. I have been code SQL most of the time, though recently I as able to write some java. It felt good to write a java application again. I was assigned a "conversion" project that had to be performed over a weekend. What a nightmare. The guy who did this before left the company so I was flying blind. We managed to pull it off but not without some hair-pulling. The job was supposed to take no more than an hour but I spend 13 hours working on the conversion. The main problem was the new security rules. I understand the purpose of the rules but they did make the job take much longer.

On another note, I am still playing D&D as much as I can. We meet about once or twice a month for a few hours so the game is progressing slowly but I enjoy the time with my friends. I have been playing World of Warcraft, too much, but the new Cataclysm release has made the game seem boring to me. Maybe, it is because I don't join groups or raid. I solo most of the time but this is getting old. So I am letting my subscription lapse. I started working on my stamp collection again. It has been many years so I had to fork out some money to bring things up to date. It is a three volume set now with nice heavy stock pages. I need to catch up on the current releases of stamps too. I have a suspicion that the US Post Office may not be around in the near future, therefore, stamps may go up in price.

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