Monday, November 27, 2017

Results of CT Scan

Good news, my tumors on my liver shrank by several millimeters. I have 5 more treatments with this drug. Promising results. We will keep you posted as to the progress.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Well, my CT scan in July showed some increased activity in the tumors on my liver. My CEA, an indicator of colon cancer activity, number has been going up dramatically over the last 6 months. This has led the doctor to start me on a different drug that is a one hour infusion every two weeks. The side effects are moderate with an itchy rash over my upper torso, neck and head. I am on anti-antibiotics so I don't get an infection and to reduce the intensity of the rash. I also have to put lotions and medicated lotions on myself to reduce the spreading and itching. Everything works relatively well, I suppose. I still itch, constantly. But I am able to get on with my life.

I had my first CT scan since starting the new medication. I should have the results next week. I am still active. My wife and I hike each weekending at least 4 miles. We try to walk daily, also.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It has been five years since I was diagnosed.

Well, it has been almost five years since I had my first colonoscopy and found out I had colon cancer. I had surgery in the new few weeks and was cancer free for almost a year. In December right before Christmas I found out that my cancer was back and had spread to my liver. We immediately started chemotherapy. For six months I was infused with medicines in 3.5 hour sessions every three weeks as well as daily pills. My side effects were not horrible but I did get neuropathy in finger and feet. Coldness, sensitive to pressure, blisters, etc. I guess the worst was that one of the medicines built up in my system and was causing issues with my mind. My wife said I was a different person at that time. The good news is that all this effort shrank the lesions on my liver.

I am now on a 30 minute infusion every three weeks that has no side effects that I am aware of. They will come, according to the doctor. He says I will be on these for the rest of my life. I am glad I survived and recommend colonoscopies to everyone starting at age 50.