Friday, March 11, 2016

Me Part 2 of ?

I grew up in northern Louisiana, part of the bible belt of the United States. Growing up in a Baptist household most likely instilled many of my values that I still hold today. My extended family was very close. I learned a lot from everyone. Conservatism must have come from the values held by my family. Libertarian-ism may have come from my rural upbringing. Very few people looked to the government for anything and many wanted the government to stay out of their lives completely. I am an orginalist when comes to the U. S. Constitution. Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America by Mark Levin really opened my eyes to what the courts have done to destroy the intent of the constitution.

I heard a story a while back about the first time that the federal government had given money to help disaster victims. It seems there was flood that killed many people the this southern representative had voted to give taxpayer funds to the victims. Later he was campaigning to be re-elected and was walking down a country lane asking people for their vote. One gentleman farmer stopped the representative and said that he could not vote for him. When asked why he said it was because he had set a precedent by voting to give taxpayer funds away and that it would not stop with the flood victims. I wish I could remember the details and verify the story but it has stuck with me.

I like to listen and read writings from conservative commentators. While I am not religious and I do not agree with everything they say I think they have many of my values.

I am not a huge fan of Libertarians because many, like Rand Paul, are isolationists and I just don't think we can ignore the rest of the world and remain safe.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Me Part 1 of ?

I call myself an atheist. I use this term, purposely. It tells my christian friends that I do not believe in their god. This has been true since I was around 15 or 16. I do think that an intelligence could exist in the universe but so far I have not seen or heard of any evidence of such a being. So until then I am a true atheist.

I started reading about mythology in high school. Roman and Greek mythologies were the first as these were more well known to me. These gods were reflections of humanity even to extremes. Then I found a book on the Norse myths. These gods were unlike anything I had read before. While the Norse gods were also reflections of their worshipers I found them vastly different and darker than the Roman or Greek gods. They were also very cool.

These mythologies got me to thinking. These people believed their gods were real just like those people at my church. I think you see my point.