Monday, September 13, 2010

I am finished!!!

I completed my master's program with the University of Phoenix. I have not received my diploma, yet. But I expect it any day now. I think the process was more difficult online rather than in a classroom. Getting team members to participate each week was hard. It was also hard for me to focus on the team project when I had to "participate" in the discussion threads twice a day for four out of seven days with 200-300 words. I assume from my lack of posts here that it would be obvious that writing is not my favorite thing to do. I think that if we were in a classroom that meeting people face-to-face would have help our interactions. As it was, I had people from all over the world working on my teams, a good thing.

I finished with an A average but not a 4.0 because of a B in a few classes. I am not sure if this will help my career or not but I feel good to have completed it. And not just because I now have the same number of degrees as my wife. :)

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