Thursday, February 4, 2010

University of Phoenix

I think I mentioned that I was working on my master degree in information services. I am attend the University of Phoenix online and I am in my sixth class. Up until my last class I was have no major issues with the classes. I use a Macintosh to get online and I do not have a personal Windows machine at home. I was told by a representative at the University of Phoenix that my having a Mac would be no problem. My last class require Microsoft Project and my current class requires Microsoft Access. Neither of these applications run on a Mac. There are, more or less, equivalent software for the Mac. I asked the professor and was told that I need to buy Windows and software that would run it on my Mac and still by the applications. I find that this is unacceptable and therefore University of Phoenix lied to me.

It is not possible to take certain classes at University of Phoenix if you only have access to a Macintosh computer. I recommend that if you want to take classes at University of Phoenix and you have a Mac that you find another place to take your classes. And do not listen to them as they will lie to you.

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