Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Job Search - Update

I have been reading a lot about search for a job. I read that it takes about a month for each 10K of salary. I make good money so I cannot accept this as gospel. Other things I have read say that the 10K/month meme is for most people who shoot off lots of resumes and then wait for response

I have to say that I am guilty of this. I am working with several recruiters and have had four interviews since November of last year. Three of these did not pan out. As for the last one, I am still waiting for more information. It is a government entity so I expect the process to take longer. Meanwhile, there is talk that I may be extended again where I am working now.

At the National Renewable Laboratories where I work as a contractor, the funding is much different that in corporate, where I have worked my entire career. NREL is dependent on government funding. So I have no idea what will happen first. Will the money come in or will I get another position?

I don't believe in luck so I guess I better get off my ass and figure something out.

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