Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Job Update

Within two weeks I accepted an offer for a contract position for a job downtown. It is difficult learning a new system. Here they use a waterfall methodology with a veneer of agile. This is not unusual, as most management teams don't like to acknowledge the unknown unknowns in their projects. I have been here for six weeks with three other "new" guys, all in the same boat. But last week on of them accepted a position, elsewhere. Also, our SCRUM master put in his notice. I don't know his reasons but I suspect something is going on. I will have to keep my ear open. There seems like lots of work here though I don't know if I want to be an employee here. Contracting is not ideal but the employees here do not seem very happy.

I cannot seem to find any passion or happiness in my work, anymore. I am sure it is something I need to change. Change is often hard. But maybe I have become too complacent with myself. But deciding what to change seems daunting.

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