Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogging Boycott?

A blog I follow, Cosmic Conservative, mentioned a blogging boycott but did not give the reason. I have not heard of it or a good reason not to blog so I will be contrary and put up a post.

UPDATE: After the explanation by my friend at Cosmic Conservative I did some digging and found a story on It is hard to believe that people would find this a reasonable tactic. Threatening people's lives, families, careers and livelihoods is pure evil. The FBI should investigate this and make it a priority. I don't want to generalize but I think the link speaks for itself on the type of people who would do this.


  1. The blogging "day of silence" is to try to get Congress to investigate what appears to be systematic intimidation of conservative bloggers, frequently using a technique of spoofing the blogger's telephone number and reporting a domestic violence or gunshot from the bloggers home, which results in the police sending in swat teams. Since swat teams are somewhat notorious for shooting first and asking questions later, this is obviously an attempt to silence through sheer fear for one's life and safety.

    It's worth trying to get Congress's attention, but this "day of silence" just isn't the way to do it, imho.

    1. Thanks. If this is true, then it should be investigated. If true because I don't have any evidence this is taking place. Not like the investigations of sports issues which is a waste of tax payers' money.